1933 - Bishops License Document - Front

1933 - Bishops License Document - Back

Father Smith commences his ministry to the Aboriginal children at “The Bungalow.”

'The Bungalow' site, formerly the Old Telegraph Station, was a closed government institution where stolen children were placed.

Photo taken by Percy Smith.

1933 - The Bungalow site. Formerly the Old Telegraph Station

Girls playing hockey at "The Bungalow."

1934 - 'The Bungalow' - Girls playing hockey

Washing day at “The Bungalow.” The building in the background was originally the battery room. When the site became “The Bungalow” in 1932 this building was the classroom.

1934 - Washing day at 'The Bungalow'

1935 - Newspaper Report - Priest who is real bushman - Off to Alice Springs by car

1936 - photograph taken outside new Church of the Ascension in Alice Springs. Father Smith, Vic Peace, Housekeeper, Cyril Gable and Ditto the dog.

1936 - Outside Church of the Ascension

1936 - Town of Alice Springs from ANZAC Hill

1937 - Anglican children group with Fr Ken Leslie & Fr Percy Smith at 'The Bungalow.'

1937 - Anglican Children Group with Fr Ken Leslie & Fr Percy Smith at 'The Bungalow'

1937 - Father Smith on Donkey at 'The Bungalow', Alice Springs

1937 - Father Smith on Donkey at 'The Bungalow'


The Live Heart booklet is produced by Fr Ken Leslie, for The Carpentarian Association in England, to provides an overview of the circumstances and challenges in Central Australia during the late 1930s.

1938 - The Live Heart

1938 - Group shot at 'The Bungalow'

1938 - Father E K Leslie - Baptises Child

1939 - Joe Croft - Forcibly removed at 4 years-of-age