Kids from The Alice - A series of feature articles publish in the Alice Springs News

Malcolm Cooper
When Malcolm met Menzies

Joe Croft
The stolen child who went to university

Millicent Glen
I never found my mother

Wally McArthur
The man who exploded with fire and grace

Rona Glynn
The Florence Nightingale from the bush

Led Nayda
Alice boy reaches top of public service

Charles Perkins
Australia's Nelson Mandela

Ida Standley and Topsy Smith
Mothers to the Bungalow children

John Moriarty
My mother found me in Alice Springs

Bill Espie
Police hero from Alice Springs

Ken Hampton
From podium to pulpit

Gordon Briscoe
The first Aboriginal doctor

Finale Part 1
I shared my mother with the Aboriginal children David Woodford, Richie Bray, Wilfred Huddlestone, John Palmer, James Bray, Jim Foster, Peter Tilmouth

Finale Part 2
St Francis’ House: Excellence sought and achieved Brian Butler, Sonny Morey, Desmond Price, Vincent Copley